I’m a woman and I need affection


young love. (2007) 

        Isn’t that the truth. I have always loved receiving affection from my husband. I love to hold hands, I love to hug, I love to cuddle, I love random kisses on the cheek. But sometimes it’s not enough and when it’s not being acted upon, it becomes frustrating.

       Sitting on the couch in my living room looking at my husband, I began to express my need to feel more of his affection. Physical touch is my love language, I would have to say my husband is in the area of Acts of Service. (Something, I’m not the strongest in). For him, Physical touch was something he had to be aware of, just like Acts of Service was for me. I remember the little steps he began to take to be more affectionate towards me throughout the day, I thought this would fill the longing I had to be loved and adored. But I realized I was never fully satisfied because I was asking the wrong person to fill this area of my life.

I was asking my husband to fill a part of me that wasn’t intended for only him to fill. 

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Embracing your Insecurities

Me and insecurities

We all struggle with Insecurities, but it’s how we embrace them that lead us to peace, joy and contentment.


They say a picture speaks a thousand words.. That’s about right, because I could have filled that image above with over a thousand negative thoughts, emotions, and insecurities that I have struggled with at some point in life. But I figured you got the idea with those few.. 

I know you could too, because we all deal with insecurities, some are just better than others at covering them up, they push them aside in public settings because they may be viewed as weak if we see them.

I am guilty of this. I have struggled with insecurities both personally and physically to a point where I couldn’t be around others. My insecurities had such a hold on me that there were times I felt as though I couldn’t breath. But, I was really good at putting a smile on my face to cover them up.  Continue reading

A letter to the Struggling Mom


To the Struggling Mom who is overwhelmed by current circumstances, who braves each new day and takes on new challenges that parenting brings your way, You are the World’s greatest Mom.


Being a woman, that title alone is a very hard thing to admit to. Admitting that we struggle causes us to feel that we aren’t good enough or that we’ve failed in some form. But, given, Mother’s day is this week, I find it appropriate to be bold and reveal some of the thoughts I face on being a mother and the job description that comes with it.

Being a mom is tough work, it’s not an easy job. So if you’re next to someone who is a mother, give her a hug and let her know how much you appreciate her and the hard work she is putting in Every. Single. Day. It’s so easy for us ‘moms’ to not notice ourselves and the amazing work we are actually doing from the moment we wake in the mornings, to the time we lay our heads down on our pillows at night for some hopeful sleep.

Being a mother not only means caring and nurturing for little ones, but it means conquering the day, managing a home, making sure there’s food in the pantry, overcoming our own insecurities and reaching goals.
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Living a life of Freedom


[I have not fallen off the face of the planet, but I have been working on some exciting things for you! So bare with me through this time of transition and progress, you won’t regret it!]

Today’s focus is about living and experiencing life in freedom. This is something that has been stirring within me for the past few months. It seems that a lot of us (or maybe just myself) wander from day to day bound by things of our past, dwelling on past mistakes, putting ourselves down over something we may have said or done, acting out of hurt, building up walls around our hearts, and letting someones hurtful words or actions keep us constrained. Really, there are many things in life and in relationships that we allow to keep us from experiencing a life that’s free; mentally, emotionally and physically. I can personally say that I am guilty of this. If you aren’t, then please share some insight with the rest of us!

We may not allow others to see what we are carrying, but what are we dwelling on while we are sitting alone on the couch at home? What is it that is holding you back from really, truly, and freely living? Let me just be honest with you.. Continue reading

Six steps to discovering your Passion


6 steps logo1

Hello Friends! Today I am writing to you about ‘Passion’. This can be such a broad subject because passion can be found in every area of our lives. But as we continue to live and go through life, sometimes we lose focus of that passion. We lose the desire to wake up and go to work, go to school, make the children breakfast (guilty!), or wait for it….. Chase our dreams. This is not about fulfilling some selfish desire or dream we have, it’s about being passionate about something! Stop living life from day to day.. Dream again. (I’m talking to myself here)

What did you dream about doing when you were in junior high or high school? What were your plans after college? What was your creative outlet?


Passion is not only about what you love, but it’s about what you are willing to sacrifice your time for.

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How to find peace in the midst of chaos




Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS! I’m writing on this topic because although we look forward to this new season we are stepping into, life can’t help but throw a few curve balls our way. I am no “debbie downer.” (thanks SNL! Debbie Downer: Birthday Party Hulu) On a side note, if you haven’t watched Saturday Night Live before, please do! I love when the actors are unable to finish their lines or try to hold back their smiles.    Best – Thing –  Ever!

I believe this is a question we have all thought at times. So I’m going to share with you a few steps that have helped me in the midst of feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

First step: Choose to ‘let it go’  Continue reading

It’s a New Year!


I love this time of year because it means new things are ahead of us! We have the opportunity to start fresh, a clean slate. We can reorganize our house (I need to desperately, Lord help me!), plan trips, set new goals, the possibilities are endless!

What new goals have you set for yourself? Have you done anything new to your home while sadly putting away all your christmas decorations?

Check back for some new updates I’ll be sharing with you soon!

Until the next spark,

xo, Mattelyn